Bringing it back as a driver

67 Coupe, Bringing it Back to a Driver

After about 6 months I’m finally able to get the Mustang into the shop. A 67 Lime Gold Coupe bought in May of 67.   Basic model, PS, no AC, 4 wheel drums, two tone lime gold/ black interior. It was a true secretary car used as a DD. The mother of one of my dad’s high school friends was the original owner. She put about 54k on it until 1982 when he got it as part of an estate sale, house, furniture, whole kit and caboodle. Between 1982 and 2007 he put another 70k on it for a total of about 125k now. He was using it as a regular driver though not his only. Due to health it was parked in 07 with the intention of getting back to to driving it. But, well, life happened and it’s set every since on stands. Now it’s my turn to drive the car.

It’s a true survivor that has had a respray from a rear end collision in
06. Heads were done in the mid/late 90s after the valve seats were toast
from unleaded fuel. It’s a San Jose C code smog pump and all with a C4.
Still has a fair amount of it’s original corporate blue paint on the
engine. Camera down into the cylinders looks good, it hand turns over at
the crank. I’ll do a leak down in the morning. The short block is the
only thing that hasn’t been opened over the years.

Interior is either new (from 07) or has the parts from Cal Mustang ready
for install except for the back seat which is still in good shape.
During storage the steering wheel cracked. Sure would like to keep that
original wheel. Electrically it’s sound though field mice did eat some
of the plug wires. A camera under the dash indicates that wiring it
good, they didn’t make it into the cabin. Body is in great California
shape, minimal surface rust though the rear end repair leaves a lot to
be desired. Some of it was done “half fast”. A couple of chips indicate
a bunch of mud on the rear quarters and deck lid. Paint looks pretty
good considering, particularly for a driver. A So Cal chain collision
shop did it.

First goal is get it to turn over and run using a fuel can. New plugs
and Drake wires should be here in a few days. A bummer is fuel sat in
the tank for 11 years. The tank was new from the rear end crash damage.
Hopefully it’s not too toast and can be resurrected. Same with the

Goal is to refurb as many parts on car as possible even if it takes
longer. Right now it will be a period correct driver. Not a DD but it
will get some miles on it. Perhaps later a bit of a sleeper resto-mod
but for now just get it back on the road.

This week, fluids, wires, plugs. Bring it to life running on a gas can.
Would have done it yesterday but waiting on parts…

Complete fuel system refurb or replace, replace all engine bay belts and
hoses. While I’m there make sure the trans doesn’t leak and check the
linkage. The shift into neutral isn’t exactly precise in terms of handle
movement though it is in neutral.

Give brakes and suspension a once over. Twice. It stops enough to get it
on and off the trailer. Wheel cylinders, drums, flex lines and shoes
were new when parked. The MC looks like a museum piece. Hard lines too.
I’ll at least rebuild it if the core is in good shape.

That should get me to being able to drive it. Like any other build we’ll
have to see what’s unexpected. Once I’m on the road the under car,
engine bay, etc will get a cleaning, bushings, paint/power coat. I’ll
R&R the engine and trans for that and do whatever I find on/in the
engine and bring it back to corporate blue. I’ll do an Arning drop then
as well.

I want it to start, run, drive and stop in the next couple of weeks.
We’ll see…


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