No good deed goes unpunished

In the midst of the restoration spiral.  You mean to do one thing and in order to get that done several other things need to be done.  You’re peeling the restoration onion.  It’s been a long, hard slog on the floor refresh.  What started as a carpet cleaning and interior refresh has turned into fab, paint and minor upholstery.

Continuing from the last update the floor panels were removed to make way for the new panels.  Some drilling of spot welds and a bit of orange paint pen to mark where I need to cut and I’m off.  The seat pedestal was removed prior.

A bit of plasma cutting a bit of a final “finesse” with an air hammer and the parts are out of the car.  I relocated the brake and fuel lines during this project and covered with a welding blanket when doing hot works.  You could also use a body saw or cut off tool.  I like plasma because, well, plasma.

Now for the prep so we can test fit and see what needs to be cut and hammered.  The panels will be button welded where the factory spot welds were.  There are places, along the tunnel for example, where I’ll do some lap, stitch and plug welds.  First the material is taken to bare metal with 60 grit flaps.  Both sides of any blind joints, like the laps or plugs, will be primed using weld through primer.  A common misconception is that weld through primer is used to prime where welds go.  Weld through primer can be welded through but is to prime/protect the metal where it’s not accessible.  I knocked the surface rust from under the seat pedestal and shot it with Eastwood rust covering paint.  The copper is weld through primer.  The backs of the patch pieces get weld through as well.

Let’s lay it all in with the seat pedestal and see what we’re going to have to cut and pound to get the panels installed.  This will also let me know where to drill the holes for the plug welds and see what needs to remain on the tunnel for the lap.

I need to drill a hole in the lower patch panel for the seat belt anchor.  The belt anchor will be weld through primered and plug welded to the panel as the original was spot welded to the panel.

A bit of clean up and right as rain.

With that we’ll weld the patch panels in then prepare to start on the finishing prep.