For all my hose

I’ve really soured on reproduction parts.  Particularly Scott Drake parts.  The few I’ve purchased are crap.  The function is fine but the finish and fit leaves a lot to be desired.  Particularly for the price.  The latest disappointment/debacle    (and the last time I get that brand if I can help it) is with the radiator hoses.  Rather than get plain old Gates from NAPA or Rock I opted to spring a few bucks more for labeled reproduction parts.   Labeling that was fubar even before I opened the package.

Not any better as I installed them,

And still worse…


I’m sure CJ would have made it right and taken them back before I put them on but that’s besides the point.  I like the vendor but they carry so much Drake it’s going to be difficult to get some things from them.  At this point it’s a driver.  I wanted to make it period correct appearing but those parts many times are junk.  The hose in this case seems good quality, thick, stout molding but I can get the same thing from a Gates or Dayco.